Road Test Registration

To register for a road test please complete the form below then click the submit button at the bottom of the page. Make sure the information you enter is exactly as it appears on your learner's permit. If your learner's permit number or date of birth is incorrect, your registration/request will be denied. Your permit must be in good condition with the numbers clear and legible. If it is torn, frayed, faded or illegible you will need to replace it prior to your road test. Please do not laminate the back of you permit - if the back is laminated the examiner will not be able to stamp and sign it and you will be denied testing.

All requested road test dates are contingent upon having a minimum of twenty applicants completed two weeks prior to the requested date as well as the availability of road test examiners. Instead of a Saturday the Registry may assign us a weekday afternoon/early evening. If we are assigned an afternoon/evening test during the winter months it will be dark - please make sure you practice/drive in the dark. Per the Registry, it is recommended that you make yourself available two days prior to the requested date and two days after (excluding Sundays). Please understand that we do not have control regarding the day the registry assigns us.

To be eligible for a road test all balances must be paid in full. If you have an outstanding balance your application/request will be denied. Your road test application and sponsorship fee must be submitted to Topsfield Driving School one week prior to the test date. You can pay online via our website credit card link or pay with cash or a check. Applications and checks must be dropped in the mailbox to the left of the front door at 48 R Main Street, Topsfield. Please click the links below to view fee schedules and information regarding Real ID vs Standard ID, license processing and registry fees. 

Policies and fees 

Road Test Application

Real ID 

​RMV license processing fees