Parent Information Class 

Please note: If your child is a student of our course there is no charge for this class. If your child did not take our course the fee is $25.00. Please note: only one parent and not the student is required to attend. 

The new requirements for certification of every student under the age of 18 state that at least one parent must attend a mandatory 2 hour parent information class. If you have already attended a parent class within the last 5 years please forward a letter from that school.

It would be beneficial for the parent to attend the Parent Class before or within the first three months of starting the program. You will learn valuable information pertaining to the experience that you and your child will go through during the Driver's Education process, the new JOL laws and restrictions, as well as the licensing process. Putting off this requirement may result in a delay in processing your child's Driver's Education Certificate. If you do not attend, we will be unable to certify that all of the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles requirements have been met. 

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